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The Blue Tech Marketing team brings over 30 years of technology and business consulting experience to every client.  From Fortune 100 to “Mom and Pop” businesses, we have experience in a broad range of disciplines including entertainment, healthcare, finance, retail and professional and contract services.  We understand what it takes to succeed in the rapidly changing online environment.

At Blue Tech Marketing, we help businesses to find greater exposure to customers who are in need of their services.  With Key Performance Indicators and Metrics to back up our results.

Whether it is claiming and managing a company’s online presence on the big search providers, SEO, SEM, Paid Ads, Real-Time Bidding, Retargeting or simply establishing a social presence and driving that forward, our team thrives on helping our clients to leapfrog their competition and succeed in their business.

Whether you are a small business with one location or a national chain, we can assist you in taking control of your marketing for the customers that are seeking your services.

Blue Tech Marketing is a member of the Internet Marketing Association.


 Why the name “Blue Tech Marketing”?

Blue:  an homage to the Blessed Virgin that our work on our client’s behalf may be blessed by God.

Tech:  We help businesses with marketing solutions that are more technical.  By applying our years of computer, business and technical consulting, you can leverage these for maximum results.




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