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ResultsWhat good are marketing efforts without results?

Well, in this industry, it can be pretty typical, unfortunately.  We are not typical.  All of our clients experience excellent results.  Here are some examples of successful results that our clients have experienced.  Increased leads, walk-ins and business.  Some increased their bottom-line numbers 42%!!

Here are several examples of Local Listing results that we have gained for our clients:


  • National Specialty Pop-Up Retailer: This client has an extremely short sales period of about 1.5 months each year, set around a holiday. Additionally, they have hundreds of locations that change each year (both address and phone), causing a problem for customers trying to find their locations. The challenge is to get their name out there and into the search engines extremely quickly. Using our high-level contacts at Google, we were able to successfully get their locations verified and visible on Google+ Local in less than 1 week from submission of the raw data. Additionally, because of our other industry contacts, we were able to get their locations listed on Bing, Yahoo! and many other business directories. This enabled them to get almost 5 million impressions for their locations during their season, with many other actions taking place.  This translated to a year-over-year sales increase per store of $10,000!  For a very reasonable fee, they made significant profits.  The next year, we saw CPM costs less than $12 and customer engagement was exceptional with website visits, Driving Direction requests and Phone Calls – lots of ’em!  We continue to work closely with this client to make sure that they see these same results every year!


  • National Retailer with almost 1000 locations: This client utilized a previous service provider and was not satisfied. We seamlessly transitioned their entire online presence to our care, with no loss of visibility, which was very important to them. Making sure they were optimized for all of their categories and keywords was priority #1. The next step is discussions of further enhancements including reporting and gaining control of all of their other online presence listings.


  • Horse Farm and Stables in New Jersey: This client purchased a horse farm and stables. They had 0% occupancy of their stables and wanted to make sure that people could find them online – because they had absolutely no presence whatsoever. They were very concerned about their future viability. We set them up online and within 6 months, they went from 0% to 100% occupancy of their stable space! They are very happy with the results!


  • Self Storage Facility in New Jersey: This client has a state-of-the-art facility with many different types of storage space available. When we first started to work for them, they were not being found online for their services. They had occupancy in the upper 60% and had to rely on word-of-mouth and drive by traffic. They were also concerned that a road closure was going to affect their business adversely. We set them up and worked with them to identify their services that they wanted to be found for. Shortly thereafter, they were dominating their search results and were getting more business. They went from upper 60% occupancy to 98% (in this industry – that’s FULL!) in under a year. They are constructing another building to handle the extra business!


  • Window Cleaner in Southern California: Went from page 3 to #1 position in their area and have even been at #1 for all of Orange County!  This client gets weekly calls from their online presence.  Business owner was skeptical that this could topple the Yellow Pages ad they had successfully run for years.  Calls are now coming in weekly from the internet and they are no longer skeptical!


  • Veternarian in Colorado:  In the first 5 months of working with us, he’s up 132+% in new customers from the internet vs. over 2 years of online effort by himself.  Business is up 42% overall.


  • Beauty Salon and Spa in New Jersey:  This client was not showing on searches for their main category of business.  Now ranked #1 in all 5 of their categories.  New walk-in business spiked 30 to 40% in the first few months after we started to work with them.  They had over 1,000 new walk-in customers in the last year since working with us – and what is particularly interesting about that is they have been at this same location for over 20 years.


  • Architect Firm near London, U.K.:  In less than 3 months, went from completely invisible to receiving 6 requests for bids in a 10 day period.  The architect firm is now re-evaluating their process for handling new business, as they have not experienced this level of interest previously.  Nice problem to have in this economy!!


  • Landscaper in New Jersey:  Started in 60th position.  Currently in 7th position – even without a website (we’re working with them on changing that!).  Is now able to penetrate into areas where he has been trying for 5 years.  He has now landed several very big accounts in these areas.


  • Auto Repair Shop in New Jersey:  Mediocre ranking at #5 that was being shuffled by Google on each search.  They now rank #1 for all 5 categories for which they want to be found.  They are now receiving calls for their services, including emergency services to stranded motorists who find them on their smartphone!


  • Organic Lawn Care company in New Jersey:  Literally were not coming up at all in searches for their specialty.  Currently ranked #1 in their area and in 10 other areas where they are targeting their business.


  • Landscaper in New Jersey:  Started in 45th position (or, as the client said “We’re invisible!”), currently in 1st position for “Landscaper” and other services in their local area, and ranging from #1 to #3 in surrounding areas where they provide services.  They are now getting calls for their services.


  • Pizzeria and Restaurant in New Jersey:  They were not visible on page one of people searching, and had the wrong names splattered everwhere because of legacy business naming issues.  They are now solidly planted on page 1 in position #4 in a competitive market.  Legacy naming issues are cleaned up and they are now getting a LOT of exposure (impressions) for their business listing.


  • Chiropractor in Southern California:  Started at #95 against fierce competition.  They are currently ranked #8 after several months of work and are climbing.


  • Tie-Dye store in Virginia:  No listings online for business, whatsoever.  This had organicallly grown out of the owner’s garage, and had moved to an out-building near a restaurant without it’s own address.  After creation of listings and work we did, they now rank #1 in their area.  This did not occur overnight.  Patience and persistence is key.  We are in this for the long-term with our clients and do not take destructive shortcuts.  Client is very happy and business is doing very well.


  • Pet Sitter in Southern California:  Went from website only, with no online presence (completely invsible) to #2 for Dog Walker and #4 for Pet Sitter in just over 2 month’s time – and this is in a location that is very competitive for these services.



And, many more success stories.  We look forward to adding your business to our growing list of successful results!

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