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What is Online Presence Management? Used to be, a website was all that a business needed.  Once it was created, you then let everyone know what the URL was and you were set!  Times have changed, indeed.  Besides a website, today there are local search engine listings known as Google My Business (formerly “Places”), Bing Places and Yahoo Local business pages; aggregator directories; and any of the thousands of other online business directories that exist out there.  If you’re a relatively new business, how do you get your name and business information out there in a way that will help your business be found by people searching?

Worse yet, the Internet never forgets.  If you’ve been in business for a long time and have moved locations as you’ve grown, guess what?  Those old locations can still show up.  Along with old phone numbers and outdated information.  If you fix it, it can re-appear, unless you kill that bad information at the source.  The carnival game of Whac-A-Mole comes to mind.  This can cause major confusion with the people searching for your business – or, worse yet, trying to get in contact with you without outdated phone numbers.

Improving your rankings in this environment is known as Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  And the rules here are much different than normal SEO.  Do you have the knowledge to navigate these waters?

Do you do anything to get more online reviews for your company?  What are people saying about your business?  Most people only write about companies when they want to complain.  However, 90+% of people searching online will look at what others have said about your business.  Do you have a review gathering process in place for your business?  If not, why not?  We can help you set this up and effectively move it forward.

What about pictures?  Video?  Do you honestly have the the time to run your business AND deal with all of this?

We solve this problem for you.  Our Online Presence Management services are designed to take control of your online presence and drive it forward for maximum results.

We have 2 offerings:

  • 17-Point Online Management Service (TM)

  • One-Time Online Blitz Service (TM)

With both of these services, we aggressively take complete control of your online business presence for you.

The One-Time Online Blitz service is the minimum that any business should consider for taking control of the online presence for their business. This will allow your business to increase it’s relevancy to the search engines and allow it to be prominently displayed to customers doing a search for local services.  It shares the initial jump-start with the 17-Point Online Management Service.

The Initial Investment jump starts your online presence, and includes the following:

  • Comprehensive online analysis to see where you currently stand
  • Online Search Engine Registration (We claim your Local Listing Pages on Google, Yahoo!,and Bing)
  • Comprehensive Update of Online Business Information
  • Key Categories Analysis and Identification
  • Google Maps and Google Earth Location Information
  • Initial Customer Review Setup
  • Photo Promotion Campaign
  • Video Promotion Campaign
  • Coupon Program Evaluation and Implementation


While the One-Time Online Blitz Service ends there, the 17-Point Online Management Service continues with the ongoing portion, which ensures that your business stays Relevant! Search engines like activity and dynamic movement! The following critical services are provided on a monthly basis:

  • Monthly Statistical Analysis and Reporting
  • Ongoing Online Marketing Evaluation
  • Ongoing Online Business Information Update
  • Ongoing Customer Review Management
  • Photo Promotion Updates
  • Video Promotion Updates
  • Coupon Program Management
  • Relaxed Confidence!


Other companies may offer services that appear to be similar, but do not be fooled: we provide ongoing, customized, best-practice online marketing guidance to your business month after month.

Have a thorny problem with your Google My Business listing?  We are Google My Business experts.  If you need help optimizing your online presence, solving a problem with your listings or any other problem, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you out.

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