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Real-Time Bidding and Retargeting

You’re on top of your marketing.  You’ve got SEO and Pay-Per-Click wired.  You’ve spent the time and effort to get on top of the search engines and stay there.  You’re making sales, but you have a sneaking suspicion that you could be doing a lot better for the money you’re spending.  Guess what?  You’re 100% right to feel that way.

What is Retargeting and Why Does It Work?

retargetingTo understand why Retargeting (called Remarketing by Google) works so well, you have to understand the main problem:  When someone clicks on one of your ads or visits your website, you’re under the gun to convert them.  But, here is a HUGE truth.  Most people do not convert on their first visit.  I know that stings a little, but it is completely accurate.  Even with the best of creative efforts and with the most tested campaigns, you’re going to lose 95+% of the prospects after the first visit.  It’s human nature that you’re up against here…

Things come up.  People get distracted.  They forget your name, your website.  A competitor’s PPC advertisement supplants yours the next time they do a search. Life, as the saying goes, gets in the way.  And, now you’ve lost a sale, client, customer or patient.

How do you change that disappointing outcome into something awesome?  Is this even possible?  Thankfully, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” – and, once again, by utilizing human nature.

When things are reinforced by repeated viewings, people tend to trust those items more and they become more comfortable with your company and what it has to offer.  Not only that, you’re constantly kept top-of-mind when they consider doing business with you.  This naturally lends itself to them doing business with your company as opposed to the competition – or buying your product instead of a different one.

But, most importantly, when they click on that ad, they are taken back to your website again.

What’s The Difference With Real-Time Bidding?

Real-Time Bidding works a bit differently than re-targeting, but they are related in the fact that they are both precision targeted display media.  The main difference is that impressions are gained by bidding on available display ad space.  Here’s how it works:

real time bidding

  • People browse the internet and navigate to a content-based website
  • The website makes money by showing ads
  • Some ads are sold direct to major advertisers
  • Unsold ad space is liquidated to online advertising exchanges
  • Exchanges turn around and offer these impressions to Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platforms
  • Each impression is put out for bid to a bank of RTB platforms
  • RTB platforms evaluate the value of that specific impression across the campaigns it is executing
  • The winning bidder’s ad is served to the website visitor

Once again, the impressions beckon the website visitor back to your digital property so that you can close the sale.

We service thousands of verticals, and have over 20,000 different targeting options to offer our clients. Whether you want to find users based on demographics, geography, search behavior or user behavior, we offer the single-point media-buying solution you require.

We handle everything for you:

  • Your Strategy
  • Your Ad Creative
  • Your Campaigns

Our strategic focus is why this marketing weapon is so powerful.  It is not an after-thought on things you’re already doing.  It is made a critical part of a very powerful marketing campaign that ensures you get maximum results!

NEW for 2015 – Cross-Domain Targeting!

At this point, you may be saying: “Well, that’s all well and good.  However, I want to dominate in my market.  What do you have that can help me do that?”  Would you believe me if I told you that you can target your competitor’s traffic and serve ads to visitors that visited your competitor’s website?  It can now be done!

Our proprietary software allows you to do just that.  You now no longer have to rely on getting them to your website first – you can target them directly after they’ve visited a competitor’s website.

If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will!

If you’re ready to take your online marketing to a new level, you need Retargeting and Real-Time Bidding to extend the marketing reach on the budget you’ve already approved.  And, if you’re like our other clients, after seeing results, you’ll want to increase your marketing budget because you’re finally seeing everything come together and work for your company.

Paid Media Case Studies

Product Sales Case Study

A toy company with 14 brands had seen flat-line sales for 5 years and was looking to explore the best opportunity to leverage digital marketing to generate growth in both online sales and brick-and-mortar sales. The opportunity to us was if we could grow the top brand then we would have access to develop strategies for the other 13 brands. After working with the company to define the Value Proposition of their top brand, determine the ideal audience, and outline the digital strategy to capture them, we set out using a combination of Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads to create awareness and capture motivated buyers. Using a combination of special offers and sweepstakes we drove visitors through successive funnels to increase brand awareness and capture their information for continued marketing via auto-responders. We drove traffic primarily using RTB for web targeting and re-targeting through the separate funnels. We drove social traffic using Facebook targeting through several engagement options. We used Google Analytics to determine audience characteristics and further enhance targeting. YouTube intercepted buyers of competing brands and drove them to our special offers.

Results: Within 60 days sales at the client ecommerce store grew 90% and on Amazon grew 157%. Organic search traffic from the brand name surged to 120% of prior volume. Client’s Toys R Us store inventory was depleted at such a rate as to require Toy R Us to double order sizes. Client’s budget for digital marketing has increased by 1000%, and we are working on 4 additional brands for them.

Lead Generation Case Study #1

A college had a very specific challenge in driving online leads for new inquiries and applications. As a smaller college, they really needed to be seen and heard above the noise of college/university education advertising in their audience profile. Additionally they had endured a social media disaster from their target audience due to a poor marketing strategy of a prior agency that had worked for them in the digital space.

In addition there was another third-party running Pay Per Click campaigns to generate leads and inquiries and we had to be able to track our results separately, and they would be compared.

We designed a very specific and targeted value proposition (VP) where they could demonstrate themselves as a leader among their target audience. Using that VP we developed creative that would resonate and assembled a landing page funnel that made it easy to inquire directly about specific programs that were part of this value proposition. We used RTB targeting followed by specific re-targeting funnels defined by the creative

Results: Within 30 days the college experienced a 82% growth in QUALIFIED leads. The college experienced the highest “Inquiry to Application” rate of every digital program they had run of 32%. Additionally, organic search traffic from users searching the college name doubled, increasing organic leads substantially. They increased their budget for digital marketing for the first time in 10 years, the increase was 70%.

Lead Generation #2

A commercial mortgage lender was looking to develop leads for a new lending product they were taking to the street. The program contained very specific criteria that fit a small audience. Additionally, the client wanted the leads that did not fall in the program guidelines to fit into more traditional programs as well. Additionally, the client did not want to waste time on the phone with unqualified prospects, as his staff was limited. This was a tall order given that the space is quite competitive.

We determined the value proposition and lead funnel strategy that incorporated the qualifying details. We developed a range of qualifying lead form pages to split-test submissions and qualifications. We split-tested creative to determine responsiveness of ads using RTB, and text ads using Pay Per Click. We combined successful text from PPC with successful images from RTB to develop re-targeting ads that had stellar Click Through Rate (CTR) and drove the most qualified leads.

Results: Within 60 days we were driving qualified leads within the expectations set at the beginning of the campaigns. Client reported lead quality as high and that leads are converting to approved applications. Stage 2 of program is to do direct media buys on target sites not open to RTB.

Contractor Lead Generation – HVAC

An HVAC company in Texas was looking for a way to expand sales and service calls on their existing budget. They felt their PPC campaigns were OK, but that they should be getting more leads. They felt they had an offer that was outstanding compared to competitor offerings but it wasn’t getting noticed.

We audited their PPC campaign to determine where we could put certain dollars to better use outside of PPC. We found enough money in their existing budget to structure and launch a retargeting lead funnel to piggyback on their PPC campaigns.

Results: Within 30 days the client saw a 30% increase in phone calls, specific to their offer. This led to increased conversions to service contracts and installations of 18%. Continued optimization should yield improvements beyond that.

Contractor Lead Generation – Waterproofing

A waterproofing company in Maryland with an excellent track record had begun to lag behind the market because they failed to upgrade their digital marketing presence for several years. They not only had a great track record of service with many third-party reviews, they had a special value proposition where they work with over 50 different waterproofing techniques that all of their installers were trained to handle. This meant that they were not trying to sell a specific system as a dealer but instead offering a custom solution for each home.

We audited their analytics and determined they were losing valuable mobile traffic. Also, key parts of the site did not contain critical USP information or clearly explain what makes them better for the consumer. Other than relying on whatever organic traffic that came to the site, they had no strategy for driving prospects researching online. We rolled out a PPC and Display Campaign mix that was strategically targeted to capture users in research mode to educate them on why they should avoid a DIY approach to the problem and how to research installers. Using Retargeting links we were able to track users in this mode on other sites. By immediately following that user with Retargeting we were able to drive them into the lead funnel earlier in the process.

Results: Within 60 days client saw an increase of 40% in appointment calls. Clients branded traffic to the site has increased 150%.


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