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Here is a sampling of testimonials from customers who have gotten great results:


BJ’s Window Cleaning – Tustin, CA (Orange County, CA)

Selected quotes from Joani:

“At first I was a little bit hesitant, skeptical, really.  I really didn’t want to be bothered.  I knew that the direction our company had to go in was more web-based and mobile-based.”

“Even though we have had such excellent results from our Yellow Page ads in the past, the first thing that I do when I get my Yellow Pages is to throw them right into the recycle bin.”

“I knew that a lot of the younger generation, myself included, looks things up on the internet.  I really didn’t know anything about searches and how to implement that, and Blue Tech Marketing took care of all of that”

“In the beginning, I was, you know, I listened to the sales pitch and I was a little bit skeptical about how it was going to work, but, surprisingly, actually amazingly, we jumped from page 3 to page 1, within, I’d say, about 2 weeks.  So, I was a believer after that.  And we got a lot of traffic to our website.  And, when I asked our clients where they had gotten our name from (I’d always done that from the very beginning), I’ve noticed quite an increase to the internet.  And they found us on the internet through Google, Yahoo or Bing.”

“The experience that I’ve gotten is fantastic.  It’s one of those things that’s kinda taken care of, and it’s been set up for me, and I don’t have to think about it anymore.”

See the entire testimonial from Joani here:



International Salon & Spa At Sparta – Sparta, NJ

“The service that Blue Tech Marketing has provided us has been nothing short of essential to the health and growth of our business.  They have enlightened us about the importance of our place on the web, helped us create a homogenized and accurate detailed description of our business online, and has given us valuable tips and practical advice, as well as maintaining our online presence and giving us a monthly report so we can track our progress.

One of our favorite features of Blue Tech Marketing is their client review system, which is almost effortless on our part, but has a great impact on our business growth.  We look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Cynthia Hemmerlin – Owner
International Salon and Spa at Sparta


Selected quotes from Michelle:

“My initial attempt to go online and just see what our presence was, I found a lot of misinformation.  Everything from wrong business owners. to wrong hours. to just wrong services and products that we provide, location.  So that was pretty much my experience.”

“I had purchased two search engine optimization books.  Started reading them and attempted to go online and fix all the misinformation myself which was very time-consuming.”

Interviewer:  Do you remember why I first approached you and we were in your office and you took a look on a smartphone with Google and what did we find?  Michelle:  “We were standing in our own business and we didn’t even show up!”

“We keep track of our new clients that come in the door, as well as our existing clients, our income month-to-month and week-to-week, and our new clients.  The people who found us and walked in the door just spiked, I’d say 30% to 40%, over the first few months.  And then, that enabled us to focus on what do we need to do to keep those clients happy when they come in, because we knew that people were finding us.”

“We’re really, really happy.”

See the entire testimonial from Michelle here:



Advanced Pet Care of Parker – Parker, CO

Just a note:  In the following video, when Dr. Shawn refers to “Tim Jones”, he is referring to the Blue Tech Marketing Account Manager in the Denver, CO area.

Selected quotes from Dr. Shawn:

“We’ve been open about 2 and a half years.  In that time I’ve done most of my own marketing internally.  We started working with Tim Jones’ service in August of 2011.”

“We’re primarily a referral-based business and rely mainly on our current clients to help us grow with word of mouth, but realized we were missing out on a lot of new clients with our lack of an online presence – despite having a great website, a Google Place ad, and Facebook page, and things like that.  But we just didn’t seem to be getting anything out of it.”

“We’ve also tried Pay Per Click (PPC) ads for about 6 months on Google and Bing and places like that, but really saw no return on that, and our numbers from online sources pretty much stayed the same.”

“The first year of online efforts, we had a total of 9 clients the entire year from online sources.  Since then, we’ve seen anywhere from 0 to 6 new clients per month, with an average of about 2.3 clients per month.”

“Since getting Tim and his team involved with helping us with our online visibility and marketing, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in those numbers.  The first month we had 8 new clients, the second 6, and the 3rd month we had 8 new clients from the internet.”

“It was hard to say if this was a fluke or not.  Then the 4th month, we had 14 new clients that we had acquired from online sources.”

“Our fifth month isn’t quite over yet, we still have about 6 business days left, but we’ve already have 13 new clients from online sources.  And this is December which is typically our slowest month not only in business, but also in growth in new clients.”

“We’ve never had more than 6 new clients in one month from online sources, so that’s how I really know it’s working well.”

“In two years we had a total of 37 new clients from the internet, and in the last 5 months we’ve gotten a total of 49 new clients since using Tim.”  [That’s a 132+% increase in clients in less than 5 months vs. 2 years of online efforts!]

“I would strongly recommend Tim Jones to any current or new business out there that wants to tap the online market and really improve your online visibility and growth!”

See the entire testimonial from Dr. Shawn here:



Nature’s Pro Lawn Watch – Pine Brook & Manahawkin, NJ

Selected quotes from Chris:

“We had been struggling with the old ways of marketing for a few years that just don’t do anything anymore.  Yellow Pages.  Local newspaper print ads.  Door hangers.  Anything in print, any of the old ways just wasn’t getting any return.”

“We decided that we needed to bring in a professional because the more we looked at it, the more we realized that this is very time-consuming.  We don’t have a dedicated person to sit down to do this, which, if you don’t have that, you need a professional.”

“We were really nowhere to be found.  Nowhere.  We were floating around in the universe and if anyone did a search for us online, we weren’t coming up.  Not in any of the towns that we were in.  Completely invisible.  No matter what kind of search you did on the internet, in any category related to to what we do, we just weren’t there.  But our competitors were.”

Regarding information about their business:  “Everything was wrong.  Certain things in the title of our name were wrong.  Some of the addresses didn’t jive together.  The phone number wasn’t ours.  It was close, but you wouldn’t have gotten us.  So, we needed help.”

“We’re coming up in all the markets that we want to, in all the towns that we’re trying to do business in where we’re already established and trying to gain more of a market share.  And also newer towns that we’re trying to break into.  So when the searches are done, we’re generally, if not on  the top of the front page, we’re either #2 or #3.  And it’s consistent.”

“We’re now in the modern universe!”

“We’re definitely moving in the right direction.  You know, we’re really just at a starting point right now.  From what I’ve seen, doing my own research, is that there are a lot of places to go with all of this, especially with your Google Place page.  In terms of pictures, video, links to your website.  You can add more value, so when people find you, they’re not just finding your name and what you do, but they’re finding something interactive for potential customers that want that information.  You can get very creative with it, so I’m positive that it’s going to be good.”

“It’s a great tool.  The Yellow Page ad – that’s it.  It’s done.  It’s encouraging to know that we can go in an sort of adjust it througout the season.  Things are very competitive, and you have to be able to – people don’t want to just see an ad.  The people, the customers are very savvy, they’re very sophisticated.  They want to see that you’re on the cutting edge and that you have a lot of value to add to what they’re buying.”

Interviewer:  As far as other advice that we’ve given you for normal marketing techniques like contacting other contractors?  Do you feel comfortable and happy with all of the stuff we’ve done to talk to you about other things that you can do, not just online, but actually offline too?  “Oh, sure.  Absolutely.  They’re all great ideas, and I’m actually in the process now of implementing one of the ideas that we got from you about networking with other people in our industry to create a win-win situation.  So there’s also a lot of other things.  You know, what we do is offline, so we try to bring the people in online, but we’re an offline business, too.  It’s a marriage, and the two have to be brought together to be successful.”

See the entire testimonial from Chris here:


**Disclaimer:  While we do not give anything less than 100% effort, no guarantee can be made that your business will experience the same level of growth or results that these clients have experienced.

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